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It’s almost 5am. I’m sitting at my computer nearly going blind from it’s bright display in a pitch-black room, wearing a leopard tshirt and cupcake undies. My cats are on the floor playing with a shoelace attached to a clothes pin – not really sure how that one happened – but they’re having fun, and […]



I guess I should have known the hairdresser I went to today didn’t have as much experience as I was led to believe when she told me “you can never get colors in your hair as bright as they are on the bottle” …. thinking of courtney Um… *shakes head* … I have never NOTĀ gotten […]



cut it. loved it. hated it. restyled it. was content with it. sat around, thinking about it. looked in the mirror again.’s official, i will never like my hair. no matter what color it is, what hair cut i have, etc. i hate my fucking hair. :] the end.