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Constantly proving the theory that there may indeed be such a thing as a “double douchebag“.   Me: Packing. Running around like crazy. Trying to sort through everything. Label. Color code. Inventory. Goodwill. Trash. Busy, busy. Him: Decides right now is the opportune time to start stripping paint off walls through the house – yes, […]

Pet Peeves


I’m really getting pissed at unusual stuff today, which has led to this very bloggy blog. Top five: grammar mistakes: “your” instead of “you’re”. “there” instead of “their”. or “man eating shark” instead of “man-eating shark”. general wording mistakes: “could care less” when meaning they don’t care. when someone argues with me over fact. “the sky […]



  When you care more about your dog (who’s an asshole, by the way) than your girlfriend .. you’ve got a problem.     So, my dumbass boyfriend has these two blow guns. Infatuation with blowing, perhaps? Anyways, he shot a dart into the wall, like a fucking retard, and I was trying to pull it out […]