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..sleeping in awkward positions because my cat already picked their spot and they look so comfy. Advertisements

Fingernails. Lips (granted, that’s stain..) Door. Entertainment center. Closet.All of the closet.No, really, everything.Yes, even the hanger rod. Yes, the shelf too. Yes! The trim, as well! I said everything, fuck! So. I think it’s safe to say we have a happy lena on our hands. Yep. That’s how happy I am, that I’m talking […]

Jekyll wants to be awake, wants to be productive, wants to do amazing things but has this weakness that only Hyde can fix. So Jekyll is forced to turn to Hyde occasionally to remedy this. Hyde, of course, has other plans and wants to take over. It takes everything Jekyll has to keep Hyde subdued. […]

Fuzzy Postcards Promote Feline Adoption Every year millions of dogs and cats are put to sleep because there are too many of them and not enough people willing to adopt them. This unique direct mail piece is uniquely designed to tug at those heartstrings and increase pet adoption. Not only did the piece grab the […]

Landmines are one of the most deadly legacies of 20th century warfare.A landmine is basically an explosive device that is triggered by pressure. ❤



…am feeling slightly betrayed. Hmmph.

But I think I’ve given up. On people in general. Relationships. Foundations. Perceptions. Etc, etc. I think what I think I think is usually wrong, and what I think is wrong is usually what I think others think is right. I think… That love is never unconditional. That there are always games. I think there’s […]



Let’s start this one off with a brief sigh. I didn’t get much sleep last night because today was the deadline I gave myself to get my car refinanced. ….Fail. My car is worth amount A, yet I have to pay amount B which a significantly larger amount than that of A.. ergo.. refinance fail. […]

I personally think a candy jawbreaker gag is perfect for the on-the-go kidnapper. So. Walls are officially done. Closet and entertainment center are still on the operating table, however. But, in the best of ways. They’re bleeding everywhere, but at least it’s a pretty sight. :] Most unfortunately, the glitter failed. My fault entirely. Walls […]

First day complete: success. The walls are now WHITE. I don’t mean off-white, eggshell, or any of that crap. I mean WWWWWWHHHHIIIIIITTTTTEEEE!!! It’s so. god. damn. pretty. Except, it’s flat. But that’s the cheap way to go so sue me. I’ll go back over it with glitter in a couple of days and then you’ll […]