I like cupcakes.
And long walks on the beach, while eating cupcakes.
I also like shoes .. apparently. *looks at closet* ..yes, apparently.
I like to write about whateverthefuck pops into my head. I choose not to filter my blog, so you should choose to grow some balls and not get offended by anything you may read here.
Like the words “fuck off”. Or “You’re a fucking cunt bag”. It’s just how I roll, k? Get over it. :]
I also ❤ my BFF, CupcakeCera.
And some of my other closest friends. Court comes to mind. So be nice to them when they comment, or I'll comment on your face with my fist.
I am obsessed with photography. O. B. S. E. S. S. E. D.
Give me a camera, I'll give you 1000 photos in less than an hour. And they won't suck like when you get your film developed in less than an hour.
I also like the out-of-the-ordinary. I like to do what's unexpected. Or to do what's expected, and then slap people in the face about why they think it was expected was false. :]
I'm also a grammar nazi. Though I'm sure you can't tell.
I know how to tie a bow 4 different ways. One of which is better than you.
I've often thought of playing jump rope with one's smaller intestine.
I have a somewhat recent obsession with the shade of white. I mean white white. None of that eggshell bullshit.
I hate earthy colors for decor or design. Browns, tans. Ehhk. Get up the nerve to do something BOLD, and then we'll talk.

What else.

Oh yeh, how could I forget?
I love chainsaws. :]


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