Red paint ..a new addiction.



Lips (granted, that’s stain..)


Entertainment center.

All of the closet.
No, really, everything.
Yes, even the hanger rod. Yes, the shelf too. Yes! The trim, as well! I said everything, fuck!


I think it’s safe to say we have a happy lena on our hands. Yep. That’s how happy I am, that I’m talking about myself in third person. Wanna fight about it?

So I’m staring at my red closet as the paint dries, and I think.. This closet goes up really high. The ceiling light from my bedroom is simply not going to be enough to light this bitch up properly to embrace the WOW that is the disgusting awesomeness of the closet. Yep. The wow of the awesome, of the disgust. Mhm. That’s what I said.

Accent lights?

Yay, I say, yay! Home Depot run, anyone? Yes, says father. Under cabinet lighting? 3 for $20? They better ROCK!

…….I am officially in love.

Those little bastards were hell to install, but HOLY. FUCKING. MOLY. It’s ggggorgeous. ..and just a little *epic*. No shit, it’s straight out of an IKEA mag. lol.

I’m glad I came home. For like 222+ reasons.



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