Let’s start this one off with a brief sigh.

I didn’t get much sleep last night because today was the deadline I gave myself to get my car refinanced. ….Fail.

My car is worth amount A, yet I have to pay amount B which a significantly larger amount than that of A.. ergo.. refinance fail.

It’s pretty much whore myself out for the remaining amount, or continue to pay the amount on the loan in my ex’s name. ….Sigh.

Of course, this situation was made entirely worse by the fact that I have to deal with the ex to get it done. …Double sigh.

Are we noticing a trend here?

Also.. the car inspection guys were closed today due to weather. …What. A. Bunch. Of. Pussies.

That is all.

(Ps. When I did sleep, all I remember dreaming of was Gary Oldman. Oh how I love him so.)


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