Project: Bedroom


First day complete: success.
The walls are now WHITE. I don’t mean off-white, eggshell, or any of that crap. I mean WWWWWWHHHHIIIIIITTTTTEEEE!!!

It’s so. god. damn. pretty.

Except, it’s flat. But that’s the cheap way to go so sue me.
I’ll go back over it with glitter in a couple of days and then you’ll really be angry.

I really do wish I had red glitter though. Grr. Maybe later.

So the plan is, white walls with silver shiny glitter & glaze on them. Black trim (moulding), and red accents. Accents meaning, the inside of my closet, the inside frame of the window, and possibly the back of my bedroom door.. Hmm.

I’m also thinking the sill on the window should be bbbblack. Since I suppose that technically *is* trim. I’m also going to paint the doorknob black too since it’s already been painted.

I’m not sure why I didn’t do this sooner, aside from the obvious fact that I didn’t have any money. Not that I did when I bought the paint either.. but I pretty much had to say FUCK IT and just do it, or it’d never get done. And it’s the new year. It’s time for shit to happen. :]

I also was inspired by helping Cera paint her room. A lovely shade of lavender, my dear, a lovely shade of lavender. lol. It did turn out nice, especially with the black meshy curtains. Those are pppretty rad.


So today, day two, I will begin on the trim and accents. Or perhaps I should begin on the glitter. Sigh. I suppose glitter will have to come first as most of my crap is still in the closet. lmao. Oh well.

Ok. No more thinking aloud.
Off to work! ..Well, off to Home Depot, then to work! Yes!

Toodloo motha fucka!


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