As I watch hours of The Twilight Zone..


..I ponder.

I ponder many a thing, many a topic.

I ponder first why we’ve grown apart from speaking so poetically in day-to-day situations. I ponder why the Sci Fi channel refuses to realize spelling it “SyFy” is ridiculous. I ponder why Gary Oldman isn’t sitting here beside me so I can gawk at his awesomeness. But mostly, I ponder why I am sitting here in my bedroom, watching hours of The Twilight Zone for the second night in a row.

I genuinely hope this isn’t foreshadowing this new year’s future.

But either way, I feel miraculous. I am full of hope and spirit and energy. Motivation and inspiration and creativity. I am filled with what I once was, when I was happy. And more so, I *am* happy.. once again. It’s long overdue, I’ll say that much.

So I wish you all a wonderful New Year. May it suck less than last, and even less than the one before it. :]



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