I don’t know where to begin. So I won’t.

But I am REALLY psyched about xmas. All the presents I got everyone (everyone I know well, anyways) are awesome, and all the presents I know my fam got one another are awesome. So I’m dying for xmas morning, to see their faces. More excited than I am about my own gifts. ..Which is odd. lol.

I just.. had a bad weekend I guess. Nothing I won’t get over. Just had a harder sting than bad weekends usually do for some reason.

It’s gotta be my withdrawals from hot guy. That’s definitely it. I haven’t seen him since like.. Tuesday? Dammit. Just one smile from him makes my whole day better. I know that’s lame, but I can’t help it. His smile makes me smile. :]

Ok. I’m obviously delusional, so goodnight. I’ll be my real (old) self again soon, I promise. I know it’s been years, but I’m coming back, dammit!

Ps. Feel free to stab yourself in the eye with a hot needle or something like that to cheer me up. :]


2 Responses to “Disappointment”

  1. 1 Courtney

    Well, it’s almost Christmas, so instead of a needle in the eye, I elected to stick my foot in the furnace instead!

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