Numb feet. Need chair.


Sitting on my bedroom floor looking up Volbeat lyrics and watching my cats drown themselves in food.. kinda enforces the happiness.

I thought I would be ecstatic. Then I thought I’d be upset, depressed even. Then, now, I know I’m home.

Cera especially, but Courtney, my parents, and all my new pals are making this ‘fixing the mistake’ the easiest thing I’ve ever had to do. And I do consider it a bit of a mistake now that I see what I’ve been missing. No regrets though. I’m happy as ever. And that’s a foreign feeling to me at least this past year or so. No wonder I’m second guessing myself.

Stupid blog. You know too much. You must be destroyed.

Oh. Oh. And I’m so loving sitting on the roof to watch the sun come up like old times. Fuckin a. If only I had my trampoline and minus some bees. How much is a replacement trampoline mat these days? We used to spray that bitch down with silicone spray and put our socks on and see who can stand up the longest. Good fucking times. Back before everyone were too much of pussies to drive “all the way to rowlett”. Are you kidding me? Psh. Pansies.


The end.



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