I Got the Rebel Fever Ramblin’ My Bones


I’ve gotta say. The band Volbeat quickly became my new favorite, and even though they are almost *all* I’ve been listening to for the past week, I have found myself only more in love with them as opposed to feeling old of their tunes like I thought I would. Every time I hear each song, I notice little (wonderful) things about it which only make me love them that much more.

Just thought I'd share the love with that one.


Packing up kitchen now, which is all I have left to do minus packing up the computer & friends, which I will do tomorrow morning before loading the trailer. I’ll get the U-Haul this evening, and probably hang out it in for a long while and dance with joy. No, really. lol. Then: nap, work, pack up computer, load truck, say goodbye to everyone, sleep, work, ihop, and then GOOD-FUCKING-BYE TAFT!! Hello happiness. ❤

I’m so happy fuckingexcitedicantevensitstill about sat & sun. The move, obviously, then planning my new bedroom layout, dinner with Cera & Jenn (<3) on Saturday. Sunday more unpacking, then bowling. Can. Not. Fucking. Contain. Myself. ;]



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