Dear People, We are the Guitar Gangsters


Can’t. Fucking. Wait.
It’s so close, and I’ve been so productive.

Bedroom’s done. Office is done, waiting for Fri (computer + last min shit). Living room has a few bits and pieces to pack with like items. Bafroom is done, waiting for Fri. Garage is done. All that’s left is the kitchen. *balls fist* Get ready, kitchen.

Tue: Stay up all night & pack.

Wed: Dentist Appointment. Pack.

Thurs: Finish packing. Get U-Haul.

Fri: Gather last minute items (computer, speakers, etc). Load truck. Say goodbye. Sleep.

Sat: IHOP after work. Gather cats. And then I’m fucking out of here.

Time’s FLYING. I mean, not like “Man, I had a good weekend but it wasn’t long enough”-flying. I mean. Fucking. Flying. And I couldn’t be happier, because not one single part of me wants to stay here a second longer than I have to.

I *hope* to get homearound 3pm. Dad will be there waiting to help me unload. Yay for dads! We’re going to save all the heavy/storage stuff for Sunday though. Mom will conveniently get home from work at 6, when all the unloading is finished. *shakes head* She’s clever, that one.

The toughest part of the move will be about the cats. Getting them used to everything. It’s going to be rough. But I hope they love it there as much as I do. I know they’ll be glad to be gone from Kara. I just hope Chandler doesn’t try to maul them. *sigh*

Then!!!!! Then Cera & Jenn are going to come over. And that’s when things are going to get good. *so happy* They’re taking me out to dinner. *celebrate*!!!

Then Sunday pops & I will unload the heavy junk into the storage place, and tttttttheeeeennnnnnn….. BOWLING!!!!!! omfg. I can’t tell you how fucking excited Cera and I are about bowling. We seriously become obsessed with stuff way too easily. lol. First screen printing/stenciling, now bowling. Geez. Good thing we don’t do drugs. lol

Oh. And. Matching (killer) bowling shoes. Photos soon. ;]

So. Um. I can’t even sleep, that’s how excited I am. Like night-before-xmas anxiety. Just, can’t fucking do it. I lie down, and my eyes simply will not close. So, it’s an all-nighter for tonight to remedy that.

Until tomorrow ;]


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