To All the Fights I’ve Conquered


Wow, is that an EPIC post title or what?

It’s ..what, Monday now?
I haven’t slept since Sunday at about 10a. It’s currently 7a on Monday.
I had the best night I’ve had in years. No joke. Too all who was involved, thank you sincerely.
That means you Cera, Jenn, Connor (really, he was cute offering me his stool, lmao), Mom, Wingstop, Dad, 7-11 Guy, Push-up Asians, Adam, Brian, and Luke.

I love all of you because I really needed that. ❤

The entire weekend was phenomenal, but today just took the fucking cake. <–Yeh. I went there. Cake!!

I don't even know where to start.
Firstly, I got perhaps the *cutest* shoes and jacket today – thanks mom.
Cera detailed the FUCK out of my car, Carlee, who looks AMAZING – thanks Cera.
We got to experiment with our tshirt project – thanks Cera.
Jello poke cupcakes! – thanks Jenn.
That wingstop was fucking delicious.
Domo coffee with cinnamon? Best coffee ever.
Push-up Asians, what can I say? You were immensely amusing.
Brian passing out and almost attacking Adam.. awesome.
And Luke, you were forever entertaining. ❤

Now, I've (irresponsibly) decided to drive back to hell – aka Taft – which is a good 7 hours away, on zero sleep. That's how excited, amped, nuts I am about moving back *assoonasfuckingpossible*.. and possible is soon. I love how Cera & Luke were just like "You don't *have* to leave.. you could just stay here. That'd totally work." ❤ Now that shit's some support. Going back "home" is going to be indescribably difficult, but it has to be done unfortunately. All I can think of doing is packing up my stuff and leaving. "Pack up your fucking shit and leave".

Yes, I think I shall, thank you!

The job situation is going to be stressful, and a bit suckish. But everything else has it's perks.
And the thought of possibly moving back in a week or two is completely consuming my brain functions all together. It's all I can think about, and I can't afford to lose that passion. I've gotta go *now*! Even if it means taking shots of 5-hour energy.. eek. Need boxes. Need tape. Need U-Haul. Need money. Need to move back now now now.

In under a month, this will be my room again. And again, I shall be Delena. The real Delena. Not this toned down knock-off version, like Lieutenant Crunch.
So be warned. ;]

Landmine, Lena.


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