Got to the house (notice: not “home”) at 2:45p.

Came in and felt like I was visiting a very messy friend.

Walked around and did a visual check of all the items which belong to ME. (think: “mine. mine. that’s mine. so mine. yep, mine. ooh mine. mine!”).

Missed friends.

Fed, watered, and loved cats. (my pussies need a lot of attention and petting).

Tried to figure out how the actual move is going to go down. U-Haul? Friends help? Storage? Garage sale? …fuck this is going to be rather difficult.

Missed friends.

Got really happy thinking about the near future.

Got really angry that my iMac has still not been returned to me.

Got really happy that it’ll soon have a new pretty desk.

Got really sleepy because I’ve been up for 30 god damn hours. ❤

Checked Safai browser history (not sure why).

Saw 18 searches for "engagement rings".

Laughed until organs hurt.

Laughed some more.

Coughed a lot because I'm sick. Yep. Awesome.

Laughed a lot more.

…You guessed it, continued laughing.

Called everyone and told them.

The end.


Ok, so I might be mean.
But it's funny.
Like, really fucking funny.

But no joke, you have NO IDEA how excited I am to move back, like… right now. Right now, right now. Shit, like yesterday! I didn't even want to fucking leave. Fuck.

..And now, sleep deprivation has taken over my ability to think properly and I mostly keep thinking about different genres of porn for some reason.

Good times.

❤ x 22.


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