It’s been an interesting 6 hours.


Woke up at 11:25p.
Got confronted by boyfriend.
Got broken up with by boyfriend.
Asked why.
Was informed of “another lady”.
Kinda laughed, cried, cried some more.
Talked. A lot.
(I don’t normally cry this much. ..That should put some emphasis on the situation for you)
Hugged now ex-boyfriend.
Went to work very late.
Was confronted by boss for not bringing beer.
Offered him cake balls instead.
Boss accepted cake ball offering.
Tried to concentrate on work, failed.
Got noticed.
Got angry.
Got violent.
Wanted cake balls. Badly.
Finished work.
Talked to friendly co-workers for a good while.
Felt warm and fuzzy inside.
Came home.
Saw ex-boyfriend sleeping.
Felt sudden urge of boiling hostility.
Cried a little instead of killing ex-boyfriend.
Got online at 5:42a.

The end.


2 Responses to “It’s been an interesting 6 hours.”

  1. 1 Courtney

    This is bullshit. But does this mean you’re moving back to Dallas?

    Booooo for crying and being sad… but
    Woohooo for freedom and friends in D-town!

    • 2 lenalandmine

      Yes, boo for crying. Especially at work. That shit needs to stop. lol

      But yay for Dallas. Yay for pseudo independence. Yay for … well, yay for the future, anyway.

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