T-Shirt Surgery


*Photos coming soon – as in, whenever the hell I get my iMac back lol*

So I’ve always thought taking a knife, razor, etc. to my t-shirts sounded like a good idea. What I didn’t realize is that everyone and their fucking mom’s is doing it too! Oh well, I still like it if it’s done right, so I decided to wing it on a couple of scrap shirts I have.


It’s an art.
After I did my first shirt, I was instantly obsessed with the results. In fact, I should probably quarantine some of my nicer shirts for their own safety.

Kat von D “hacks” (that’s hardcore lingo for you) her shirts especially nice. And it just so turns out that the very first shit I operated on (and it was a bloody mess) turned out nearly exactly how a shirt on one of her tutorial videos looks. Needless to say, I was pretty -darn- impressed with myself. *pats self on back*

So! Now I’m pretty much mindlessly obsessed with mod-ing, hack-ing, and diy-ing the fuck out of all my shirts.

Scissors, beware.


Ps. I think Courtney's going to have me working at her sweetshop when I get up there. I am also becoming increasingly obsessed with anything having to do with cake/cupcake/candy making and decorating. Like, I'm all hardcore on the Wilton website reading up on the How-To's. I'm going to Michael's right now to invest in some candy molds to make chocolate truffles. Nom.

Pss. My #1 obsession, however, is still screen printing – and poor man's screen printing. *cough* Cera *cough* I am. In. Love. With it. I'm also picking up some Speed Ball ink at Michael's. Plus, I totally lost my cutting mat, and without that, I'm useless!


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