My luck.


Just as things start going good.. That’s when shit happens. Fuck you, Murphy.

I remember I was *so* happy when I got Leopard, the not-so-new-at-the-time new OS for Mac. I was admittedly behind the curve on that one due to the price, but I found a 3-pack with Leopard, iLife, and iWork for like $80. And screamed. With joy. When I got it in the mail, I was sleeping and yet magically heard it drop into my mailbox. I rushed out, mostly naked, and snagged it. I seriously did not do anything else that day except play around with different ways to install this new OS.

First I did an “upgrade” as I figured it’d be the easiest. Once it was finished, and my desktop looked how it always did, I realized I didn’t want the easy way, I wanted it to seem like I just bought a brand new computer. Fuck the easy way! Since when do I take the easy way, especially on computers? Haha. So then with the help of Mac Rumors I did an “Archive and Install”, which basically saves all your data for you on a separate folder, and installs a pseudo fresh install of the OS. I found that to be a little unsatisfying as well. So I finally broke down, went out and bought a new 250g WD Passport external hard drive (which is super cute for some reason, all pocket sized) and backed up my entire hard drive onto that. Then I was ready for the big guns. … Clean Install. *nervous* It took about 8 hours to finish, which I kind of wondered about, but figured a lot of that time went to formatting and cleaning the hard drive to prep for the new install. ..Apparently, I was wrong.

Once everything was finished, I had a specific prioritized plan on what to install in which order. iTunes came first. :] Ok, so yeh I have 40g of music, wanna fight about it? It should *NOT* take an entire day – literally a little over 25 hours – to move my music from my external to my internal hard drives. What. The. Fuck.

Then I made a breaking discovery. Leopard has a new feature which archives your ENTIRE hard drive(s) so as to make searching via Spotlight much, much easier. Did not know this! So yes! We can logically assume that is why it took so long. Awesome. Then there isn’t something wrong with my beloved iMac. *hugs iMac* Yay!

…Or so I thought. Eventually I figured out there’s obviously something terribly wrong with the internal hard drive. Most likely my fault for installing a new OS three different ways consecutively. ..I’d be pissed if I were the hard drive. So yada yada, I send it out for repairs. …That was like 2 fucking months ago.

Me, without my iMac.
It’s not a happy sight.

Ok, well, I adapt. I figure I can withstand the horrible slowness that is this 5 year-old Mac Mini for the time being. It’s hell, really. No, really. *sigh* But it’ll have all been worth it if my iMac comes back 100% fixed.

So I’m happy again, because I’ll be getting my iMac iBack either today or Monday because the assholes at Blue Raven “felt bad” about having it so long, so they’re expediting it. Did I mention they replaced the MOTHER BOARD? … *shakes head* Whatever. I’m excited about getting it back. yay.

So just when I’m happy again, shit happens.

I wake up to my alarm at 1:30 today. I press the buttons I always press to make it shut up. My eyes are still closed because I have 2 other alarms after that. This is the pre-wake up alarm. But no matter how much I press the shut up buttons, it won’t shut up! *eyes open* The screen’s blank! Wtf’s wrong with my screen? *shakes phone* Wake up, phone!! Don’t you hear the alarm!! WAKE UP, YOU BASTARD!! *throw*

Apparently, and this is painful to admit, Aaron was right in saying that it’s inevitable that all slider phones will break. This is my… *counts* 4th slider phone. First one fuccccking broke. Second one got pee’d on, so that one doesn’t actually count. Third one broke. And now.

Again I say, fuck you, Murphy. And your stupid fucking law.

Well, I guess that means I’ll just have to get an iPhone afterall. For those of you who don’t know, and are apparently too stupid to have guessed it for yourself, I want a fucking iPhone. Badly. Really badly. As an Apple fanatic, I’ve known about the iPhone since before it came out. I specifically remember telling “the boys” about it one night at Hooters. They were all amazed. Then the commercials for the iPhone started running. I was so. friggin’. excited. I’m gunna get one! Yay! Whoa, wait, $700? Um. Shit. I don’t have $700. *wait* …That was well over 2 years ago now. And little miss apple lover still does not have her iPhone. So unhappee. But!! There is hope! On the 24th of this month (Chucktober), I will be eligible for an upgrade to an iPhone. How. Exciting. What is it today? The fucking 9th? *slams head on desk* 2 weeks??!! I can tolerate a sub-par Mac for two months knowing that eventually I’ll get my fixed iMac back, or a brand new one. But I seriously doubt that I can live for much longer than 5 days using a cellphone that has a faulty screen. I just can’t take it.

So, there you have it.
My luck.

Now you are educated on the ways that life hates me, and shows it.
Good times.

And if you thought I couldn’t write a decent length post, well I guess you feel pretty stupid right about now, don’t you? ;]

1000 words and counting.



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