I’m not like you.


When I love something, I want it
When you love something, do you even feel it?

When I smile, it’s because I’m happy
When you smile, it’s a lie.

When I’m angry, it’s because something has really gotten to me.
When you’re angry, it means you’re awake. Because the only time you’re not angry is when you’re sleeping.

When something makes me sad, I feel it deep inside. If it’s bad enough, I cry
When you’re sad, no one can tell because it just looks like anger.

When I laugh, it’s because I’m a happy person and humor keeps things that way
When you laugh, it’s to let the anger take a quick break.

When I wake up, I take on the day like a challenge.
When you wake up, you yell.

When I see a problem, I try to fix it
When you see a problem, you yell at it.

I try to surround myself with things that make me happy.
I don’t know if you’re even capable of feeling happiness like I do.

I like to always be doing something, to be productive
You’d sleep all day if you could.

I enjoy life and it’s little pleasures.
You hate everything.

If I fuck up while doing something, I laugh.
If you fuck up, you yell at it.

If I break someone’s heart, I tell them I’m sorry.
…You probably just yell.

I miss the old you. The one who didn’t hate everything. The one who loved me.



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