so.. I’ve been on facebook a lot lately (yeh, I’m bored, wtf do you expect?) and over to the right …..>>>

..there’s these little ads like “no more shaving!”, “free laser hair removal!”, “$3,000 laser hair removal contest!! enter!!” … so, after days of being bugged by it, I clicked it.

I fully expected it to be one of those offer fulfillment pages, and it wasn’t. I then was expecting it to be some crap about how the contest goes until the end of 2020, but it wasn’t. It was a legit contest (I even read the fine print!), so what the hell? I entered.

Then I realized … ahhh, it’s a good way for them to get people’s info, yes? 3 877 area code phonecalls later, yes. But hey, it’s a good strategy on their end, and I can always respect cleverness. So when I was driving home today and got an 877 call, I answered it. How immensely refreshing it is to have someone from an 877 # call and actually speak like a real human being instead of mimicking a computer. That was enough to get my attention, and then the lady was really nice? Damn. This one’s a winner.

She confirmed that it was actually me who entered the contest, and then asked me how long I’ve been interested in laster hair removal. Well… that’s a dumb question, innit? When I first started growing hair on my legs, armpits, and everywhere else hair decided to jolt out of my then porcelain perfect skin, what did I do? “Mooooooooooommmm! Make it stop!!!! Gimme that sharp thingy!!! Owwww I cut myself!!!!! Fuck this sucks!!!!!!!” …so it’s pretty safe to say I’ve always been interested in laser hair removal. Or any kind of permanent (as permanent as it gets) hair removal.

..The lady on the phone was laughing her ass off, really. She was like “ok, I definitely see where you’re coming from” … lmao.

So she continues and is now moving onto the selling phase. I said “Ok, before you start trying to blackmail me into this (laugh), let’s make sure there’s actually a location near me, ’cause this shit always happens and I find out the closest one is in San Antonio…I hate that!” (She laughs) Yeh, there’s one in Corpus Christi, will that work? “Absofrigginlutely.”

So there’s all these awesome deals going on at the American Laser Centers right now…
$300 coupon for signing up for the contest.
Wtf really?
Yes, really. Also, another $100 coupon if you come in tomorrow.
Yes. Plus, 40% off a package of your choosing to go along with the coupons.
Omg, this is crazy!
And! We’re running a “Try it, you’ll love it” promo where we’ll give you 1 hair removal session absolutely free to see what you think about it. (Usually a hair removal treatment lasts 6 sessions)
…That. Is. Nuts.
Yes, and I have several openings tomorrow if you’d like to come in to have a free 1-on-1 consultation which will only last about 20-30m.
That’ll do! Yes! I am doing that! Sign me up!


..I hate hair. I hate shaving. I hate waxing. 
So, we’ll see what happens at noon today. I’ll ask all kinds of insanely in-depth questions just to fuck with them. It’ll be awesome. Plus, I’ve always been interested in how the whole process works, so I’ll come back and write more about it after I’ve been taught by the pros ;]



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