It’s almost 5am.

I’m sitting at my computer nearly going blind from it’s bright display in a pitch-black room, wearing a leopard tshirt and cupcake undies.

My cats are on the floor playing with a shoelace attached to a clothes pin – not really sure how that one happened – but they’re having fun, and that’s what matters.

I’m waiting for my guy to wake up so I can see what he wants for breakfast. He’s taking an arson investigation class this week, so I’ll have six whole days to myself. ..Normally, I guess I’d be kinda lonely, and I’m sure there will be points where I’m bored as hell not having anyone around, but all-in-all …. *looks around* …I can’t wait.

I love my guy and everything, but … it’s just good to have a break, a long break, every now and again. Haha.

It’s cool on his end because the city is paying for the class, gas, food, hotel, etc., and then his job is paying him to go to it. Seriously .. wtf. Lucky asshole. His dad’s going with him, too, but I’m not sure what he’s taking.

When he comes back, he’ll be in shock. I haven’t mentioned it, or even hinted at it, but I’m going to have this house sparkling by Friday. So clean you can see your reflection on the fucking CEILING!!!! … lol ok, maybe not. Unless I put fucking mirrors up or something – but then that makes me think of Bride of Chucky – no dice.

Anyways. It’ll be a shock because this place is really quite filthy right now. I’ll admit it. It’s kinda bad. The dishes are clean though, that’s what counts. Haha. But it’s too damn hot (for those of you who don’t know, my a/c is broken, as it has been all year, and the bf refuses to get it fixed… lovely, I know) to really do anything but sit around and sweat. So.. the crap has built up and needs to be cleaned, and I’m getting ready for a manic week of very little sleep and carboloading. :]


I’m really getting re-interested in body mod like I used to be, and am saving up everything I can to get stuff done when I go up to Dallas. So be ready.

..ok, now I’m fucking tired. Back to sleep I go.



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