I guess I should have known the hairdresser I went to today didn’t have as much experience as I was led to believe when she told me “you can never get colors in your hair as bright as they are on the bottle” ….

thinking of courtney

Um… *shakes head* … I have never NOT gotten my hair the color on the bottle when it comes to rainbow colors. I have about 5 shades of blue, and when I put them in, you could differentiate every shade. They were bright as hell. 

Moreso, getting those colors bright is no rocket science. It takes zero experience or special knowledge.

Step 1: Read the bottle / jar.
Step 2: Understand what you just read.
Step 3: Follow the directions.
Step 4: Done.

If some unnamed retards I know can do it, anyone can.

Granted, a head of bleach white hair will get you the most benefits, and there are other ways of ensuring your color is mega-fucking-bright-as-hell, but really … to say that it’s hard to acquire? Geezlaweez!

The End.


ps blue locks t-minus 1 week. (hopefully)


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